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Need ability to create Sub-Status items under the 3 main Repair Statuses (In Process, Not Fixed, Fixed)

This issue comes from not being able to determine in an eye's glance what's going on with a repair job. Right now the only Statuses are "In Process", "Not Fixed", and "Fixed". In our old system we are trying to migrate from, the following statuses were selected from a dropdown for each work order and were changed accordingly as the job status changed:
Repair Accepted
Repair Declined
Received: Payment
Received: Parts
Received: Device
Order Part
Waiting on Parts
Waiting on Device
Waiting on Pickup
Under Repair
Contact Customer

This enabled us to go to the LIST view of repair work orders and see the EXACT status of each repair work order in an eye's glance. This was extremely helpful when a customer walked in or called in for staus of a repair job.

Currently with Cellsmart, the only means of finding out the status of a job is first go to list and see it's in Process, then edit that job and hope someone kept up the repair notes manually which usually in our case doesn't happen. We have been acustom to just go change the status from one to another the instant it actually changes because we knew the system would timestamp the time the status was changed and in an instant we could go see where the job is now and how it got here step by step by viewing the status history list.

So I think the way you can make this a simple enhancement is to give the user the same GUI you give when adding a "Repair Issue" ... so this way I can add a "SUB-Status" to your "MAIN statuses" if i want to and, allow me to see the sub-status in the Repair List by giving a setting somewhere that is something like:

___Show Sub-Status as current status

This would be very helpful ... Thanks

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  • AdminCellSmart POS (Support, CellSmartPOS) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Stuart, AWESOME suggestion! I will share this with our development team and update you on the status as soon as I have an answer. I will personally pass along your suggestion along with maybe adding a custom status.

    Keep the suggestions coming!

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